Kathleen Trenerry | Heart & Sole Wellness


A Certified Reflexologist and a Reiki master will be offering Aura/Chakra Reading sessions with her Aura photography machine that uses modern “Biofeedback” technology. This machine reads one’s aura/energy field that surrounds the human body. Since we have many layers to our aura and there are many things going on throughout the day and in life in general, this information can be used to allow us to gain insight about what is going on into our inner world. By seeing the colour map of your chakras and aura captured in a photograph for you to analyse, you will have access to a valuable diagnostic tool. You will receive an e-mailed report with your chart and also tips on how to clear any blocked chakras with tuning forks and essential oils as well as tips for specific gems or crystals that you can be used to help you on your healing journey.

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