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Currently, I take a special course at the School of Natural Health Sciences (UK) for crystal healers and plan to join the North America Association of Naturopaths by end of the year.I provide: – private consulting for people interested to obtain their very personal crystals & gemstones as amulets and talismans, – make custom wire-wrap jewelry, – create special sets for home & workspace harmonization. My new website Crystaluno.com will go public by the end of August. My featured product is Shungite stone from Russia. I am going to present Shungite jewelry, EMF protection plates, water purification sets, and more.

Glass crystals bottles for aromatherapy and infused water (different crystals) oil small bottle with crystal roll.
Shungite products: pyramids, pendants, EMF protection plates for phone, Pocket harmonization sets, Elite Shungite, Shungit Raw stones for water purification (with instructions)
Jewelry chainmail & wirewrap, sterling silver.
Harmonization sets (home, personal space, workstation, yoga class, travel, stress relief, 7 chakras, etc.
Crystal grids (love, luck, 7 chakras, etc), including grid cloths.

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