Working with the Crystal Skull Beings: workshop and ritual |Victrix Oracle collective

Atelier présenté gratuitement par Victoria Sage le samedi 2 novembre au local 124 dès 17h.

Victrix Oracle is a highly trained and naturally gifted empath, psychic and medium with over 10 years experience reading for the public. She has toured Canada and the USA and worked out of highly credible and prestigious organizations and stores. Victrix Oracle holds a background in Social Services, there is NO QUESTION TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL!
She is certified in a range of divination and energetic healing modalities including ABA Therapy; as a Reiki Master; Five Element Palm Qi Gong Healing; Crystal Healing; Tarot, Oracle and Angel Card Readings; Aura and Chakra Sensing, Reading, Alligning and Healing; and much more, including a current student of Gemology.

She works with a variety of divinatory tools including my heightened intuition, channeling directly from Source, as well as from YOUR own guides and hers, Tarot and Oracle cards, Crystals (Pendulum, Ball, Skull, Grids, Healing, etc) and more!

Aside from psychic readings and mediumship sessions channeling guides, spirits and loved ones, Victrix Oracle also offer:
~ Pendulum Readings
~ Crystal Ball, Skull and/or Mirror/ Slab readings -scrying-
~ Crystal Casting
~ Crystal prescriptions and recommendations
~ 3rd eye balancing/activation
~ Chakra readings, clearings and aligning
~ Aura readings and clearing
~ Cord Cutting (I can show you the ways)
~ The secrets of MANIFESTATION
~ Navigating Planetary Retrogrades (especially Mercury)

Billigual workshop on how to work with Crystal Skulls by Victrix Oracle. Followed by a mini ritual with the Crystal Skull Beings.
Victrix Oracle is a student of Gemology at Ecole Gemology de Montreal (EGM), an expert in the spiritual and metaphysical healing uses of crystals as well as the theories behind how crystal healing works. She is also a highly rated psychic medium, reiki master and 5 palm chi healer.

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